FundaciĆ³n Conector

Help: /ci_edit

The "/ci_edit" page:

Edit a check-in.  (Check-ins are immutable and do not really change.
This page really creates supplemental tags that affect the display
of the check-in.)

Query parameters:

    rid=INTEGER        Record ID of the check-in to edit (REQUIRED)

POST parameters after pressing "Preview", "Cancel", or "Apply":

    c=TEXT             New check-in comment
    u=TEXT             New user name
    newclr             Apply a background color
    clr=TEXT           New background color (only if newclr)
    pclr               Propagate new background color (only if newclr)
    dt=TEXT            New check-in date/time (ISO8610 format)
    newtag             Add a new tag to the check-in
    tagname=TEXT       Name of the new tag to be added (only if newtag)
    newbr              Put the check-in on a new branch
    brname=TEXT        Name of the new branch (only if newbr)
    close              Close this check-in
    hide               Hide this check-in
    cNNN               Cancel tag with tagid=NNN

    cancel             Cancel the edit.  Return to the check-in view
    preview            Show a preview of the edited check-in comment
    apply              Apply changes