FundaciĆ³n Conector

Help: /timeline.rss

The "/timeline.rss" page:

URL:  /timeline.rss?y=TYPE&n=LIMIT&tkt=UUID&tag=TAG&wiki=NAME&name=FILENAME

Produce an RSS feed of the timeline.

TYPE may be: all, ci (show check-ins only), t (show ticket changes only),
w (show wiki only), e (show tech notes only), f (show forum posts only),
g (show tag/branch changes only).

LIMIT is the number of items to show.

tkt=UUID filters for only those events for the specified ticket. tag=TAG
filters for a tag, and wiki=NAME for a wiki page. Only one may be used.

In addition, name=FILENAME filters for a specific file. This may be
combined with one of the other filters (useful for looking at a specific