FundaciĆ³n Conector

Help: clone

The "clone" command:

Usage: fossil clone ?OPTIONS? URI FILENAME

Make a clone of a repository specified by URI in the local
file named FILENAME.

URI may be one of the following form: ([...] mean optional)
  HTTP/HTTPS protocol:

  SSH protocol:


Note 1: For ssh and filesystem, path must have an extra leading
        '/' to use an absolute path.

Note 2: Use %HH escapes for special characters in the userid and
        password.  For example "%40" in place of "@", "%2f" in place
        of "/", and "%3a" in place of ":".

By default, your current login name is used to create the default
admin user. This can be overridden using the -A|--admin-user

   --admin-user|-A USERNAME   Make USERNAME the administrator
   --httpauth|-B USER:PASS    Add HTTP Basic Authorization to requests
   --nocompress               Omit extra delta compression
   --once                     Don't remember the URI.
   --private                  Also clone private branches
   --save-http-password       Remember the HTTP password without asking
   --ssh-command|-c SSH       Use SSH as the "ssh" command
   --ssl-identity FILENAME    Use the SSL identity if requested by the server
   -u|--unversioned           Also sync unversioned content
   -v|--verbose               Show more statistics in output

See also: init