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Help: finfo

The "finfo" command:

Usage: fossil finfo ?OPTIONS? FILENAME

Print the complete change history for a single file going backwards
in time.  The default mode is -l.

For the -l|--log mode: If "-b|--brief" is specified one line per revision
is printed, otherwise the full comment is printed.  The "-n|--limit N"
and "--offset P" options limits the output to the first N changes
after skipping P changes.

In the -s mode prints the status as <status> <revision>.  This is
a quick status and does not check for up-to-date-ness of the file.

In the -p mode, there's an optional flag "-r|--revision REVISION".
The specified version (or the latest checked out version) is printed
to stdout.  The -p mode is another form of the "cat" command.

  -b|--brief           display a brief (one line / revision) summary
  --case-sensitive B   Enable or disable case-sensitive filenames.  B is a
                       boolean: "yes", "no", "true", "false", etc.
  -l|--log             select log mode (the default)
  -n|--limit N         Display the first N changes (default unlimited).
                       N<=0 means no limit.
  --offset P           skip P changes
  -p|--print           select print mode
  -r|--revision R      print the given revision (or ckout, if none is given)
                       to stdout (only in print mode)
  -s|--status          select status mode (print a status indicator for FILE)
  -W|--width <num>     Width of lines (default is to auto-detect). Must be
                       >22 or 0 (= no limit, resulting in a single line per

See also: artifact, cat, descendants, info, leaves